Thursday, May 24, 2007

Repugnicants = Damnocrats

In an amazing week America's two political parties looked in the mirror and saw each other. Damnocrat John Murtha did his best Repugnicant imitation of heavy handed Tom Delay and got off scott free. Then in a transatlantic jaunt similar to Tom Delay's Scotland golf outing (albeit without lobbyists), Damnocrat Barney Frank ran up a $160,000 plane tab borne by the American taxpayer.

What did the reporter who broke the story get? Dead silence from the three Damnocrats cited in his story. I can relate as our Repugnicant President never got back to me as to why the hospital with the largest number of patient deaths was omitted from his Hurricane Katrian Lessons Learned report.

Apparently the public does not have a right to know...

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