Monday, May 07, 2007

God's Role in Weather Disasters?

The terrible tornado that destroyed Greensburg, Kansas is on the nation's mind. In an apparent miracle, a person was found alive in the wreckage days after the twister hit. The state's Senator Sam Brownback, a man of deep faith visited the area. For a man who believes God is behind everything and needs to be more central in American's lives, what had Greensburg done to invoke the wrath of God?

After 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina, television ministers Rev. Falwell and Robertson claimed homosexuals the cause of both events. They suggested an angry God sent terrorists and a powerful hurricane to teach sinners a lesson.

But what was destroyed in Greensburg? Many lives and virtually the whole town, churches, businesses and homes. The two things left included concrete grain silos and the Bar H Tavern, Greensburgs' only drinking establishment. Why would God destroy churches and leave a bar?

No Republicans or men of faith claimed the Virginia Tech shooter had been sent by God. President Bush even gave the deity a free pass when he said students who faced the vengeful mentally ill man were "unlucky". How does this fit with a God in control of all things, purposefully rewarding the obedient and punishing the faithless?

If God sent terrorists on 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina, why isn't he behind the Greensburg tornado or the Virginia Tech shootings? Is God's hand in all things? If so why did he mow down churches and leave a bar? The mystery continues...

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