Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Rejecting the People's Choice" Awards

A somber ceremony honored world governments ignoring the will of the people. In a rare tie, the United States and Israel shared the top prize for their shunning of elected Palestinian leaders. Over a year ago, Palestinians voted against corruption and for a party that delivered on social programs. To America's surprise Hamas gained the majority in government. For 18 months the U.S. and Israel have handcuffed the fledgling Middle East democracy.

41 Palestinian legislators are now being held in Israeli jails

America stood alone in second place for ignoring its 75% of the population that disapprove of Bush's handling the war in Iraq. The other fledgling Middle East democracy was to share the prize as over 70% of Iraqis want U.S. troops out. However, no government leaders attended as all were "on vacation", a euphemism to not deliver what Bush and Company want so badly, the new Iraqi oil law.

In third place stood Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. He earned his prize by abandoning the basic tenets of democracy in remaking his country into a socialist state. Other democracies have actually utilized their legislature to reform their economic systems, but not Chavi Boy. He's remaking it as a monarch. Ironically he's setting up next years winner with his nationalizing key industries.

Bookies in the crowd took bets on when the bronze winner would fall and by what method? Those getting the most action included food tainted by Chinese melamine, polonium spray, Chinese toothpaste laced with antifreeze, and a mentally ill American with numerous assault weapons vacationing in Venezuela. Most think the U.S. will occupy the top spot again next year with the offing of King Hugo. Stay tuned!

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