Wednesday, May 23, 2007

William Hung's Opening Song for Iran U.S. Dialogue on Iraq

The U.S. State Department decided to mix entertainment with diplomacy by hiring William Hung of American Idol fame to sing the opening song at the Iran U.S. talks over security in Iraq. The talks come May 28th, just 5 days after America launched a huge round of surprise military exercises on Iran's doorstep with 17,000 Marines in landing ships and 20,000 military personnel already in the region's waters.

The editorial in my local newspaper talked about a new axis of evil, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and Belarus. Why is it the list never shortens? It used to be Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Iran. And how did communists with their failed economic models get promoted to the axis? Ooops! I forgot about China's choking our American economic engine with addictive cheap products. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce dropped its domestic jobs multiplier effect for a dollar extender model to support the exporting of jobs to the economic Red Storm.

But back to Iran being the lead axis of evil member at the moment. How might our leaders feel if Iran just conducted major military exercises off our East Coast, called us "evil" incessantly, and blamed us for our porous border with Mexico? Would we show up in a mood to negotiate? Hell, no. And they won't either.

Add a restrictive agenda that keeps the real issues off limits and what can we expect? It could be a Kruschev like moment. Thus William Hung will open the session with a slight variation of his most popular song, "Shoe Bangs!" Will William's song escalate the meeting into an international incident?

P.S. The United Nations' deadline for Iran to stop nuclear enrichment is May 24th, just 4 days before the joint U.S. Iran meeting. A meeting to discuss further sanctions could happen within days

P.P.S . A U.S. military commander said "very credible intelligence now confirms" that Iranian intelligence agents are funding Sunni extremist elements in Iraq. This means Iran is assisting both sides, thus fomenting division.

Step by step, brick by brick, President Bush lays the foundation for greater conflict (as if hearing William Hung sing isn't tormenting enough). Shoe Bangs! Shoe Bangs!

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