Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dobsonstein Has Busy Week

James Dobsonstein tried to remake Rudy Guiliani into conservative Presidential material but the parts couldn't combine to his liking. As a result James will not endorse Rudy should he receive the Republican nomination. However, the mad psychologist continues to meet with the current occupant of the Oval Office.

According to Monday's radio program, James pow wowed with President Bush and a dozen or so conservative religious leaders on the looming danger of Iran. The long and short of his conclusions, be very afraid. Iran with nuclear or biological weapons intent on attacking America? Haven't we heard this line before?

On his program James took it one step further. One city written off by a WMD attack could become 10, 10 could become 100. He castigated the media for not highlighting the looming threat. Yet that very media runs his radio show to some 220 million listeners across the U.S.? No, this is a set up. That and the May 28th Iran-U.S. meeting. Expect some Kruschev like shoe banging.

Then Katy bar the door because another round of Bush ass kickin is fixin to start. The problem is we still have figured out which way the ass kickin has gone in Iraq.

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