Saturday, May 19, 2007

America's New Lying, Cheating Role Models

It appears college age kids suffered greatly from their learning of Bill Clinton's episode of oral sex in the Oval Office while impressionable young children. Nevermind that CEO's cheated on their stock options on a widespread basis for over the past decade, the Enron implosion, and the Bush team lying if they choose to actually answer questions posed to them. Young adults poisoned by Bill Clinton's sordid sexual escapade soared past the epidemic stage according to a college cheating expert.

A study published last fall by Donald McCabe, a Rutgers professor who has studied cheating for decades, and two co-authors found 56 percent of MBA students admitted cheating, along with 54 percent of graduate students in engineering, 48 percent in education, and 45 percent in law.

McCabe emphasizes the difficulties of measuring trends in cheating, but the undergraduate numbers at the same 32 universities he studied appear even worse: 74 percent of business students, and 68 percent in nonbusiness fields admitted to some form of cheating

It appears the current President has a ripe group of potential recruits as he tries to finish his drooling, knuckle dragging last year and a half in office. Maybe a replacement for Paul Wolfowitz will be found in the ethical cesspool. Should Alberto quit covering for his low brow boss and leave the InJustice Department? Another cheating lawyer can't be far away (as 45% admitted cheating).

In a case of Presidential limbo, Bush continues lowering the bar on ethical behavior to beat "Sinful Bill". Meanwhile American youth follows along blindly. Of course no one will note the long standing proven relationship between extrinsic reward systems and widespread cheating. As the Bush team has another round coming in education and health care, how high can he drive unethical behavior? My guess is through the roof...

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