Friday, May 18, 2007

Condi Now Irrelevant Internally?

It's sad watching the world ignore U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, but hearing Bush flunkies bust her chops must really be discouraging for the freedom spreader. Elliott Abrams spoke to Jewish groups in early May suggesting Condi's peace efforts in the Middle East are:

"just process", steps needed in order to keep the Europeans and moderate Arab countries “on the team” and to make sure they feel that the United States is promoting peace in the Middle East.

So does that mean President Bush pushes the opposite of peace in the Middle East? Is he pushing violent conflict in those fledgling democracies of Lebanon, Iraq, the Palestinian Territories with aims to expand it to Iran and Syria? The James Dobson White House invite to discuss the looming danger of Iran's "nuclear and biological weapons" begins to look most ominous. It appears the Bush foot and knuckle dragging on Middle East peace will soon change to ass kickin and haymaker swinging.

Of course the Bush team insists they're all aligned on the pursuit of "peace" in the region. Does this sound familiar to Alberto Gonzales testimony that there were no disagreements on the warrantless spying program? We now know Attorney General Ashcroft bounced him out of his hospital room when Al slithered up to his sickbed for John's signature of approval. Bush gets his way, legal or not.

My question is does Bush or Abrams think the Saudi or Jordanian leaders don't read the Jerusalem Post?

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