Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Federal Whistleblower Treatment

Despite Senator Chuck Grassley's public plea for the federal bureaucracy not to circle the wagons to protect against internal whistleblowers, two days later President Bush did just that. The President's Executive Order makes it harder for Chuck to get information and insight from whistleblowers.

Besides being shunned internally, ethical employees will now be at greater risk financially. Those with the courage to step forward are often fired or demoted. Remember Bunatine Greenhouse? Their hope for a financial lifeline is years away and frequently based on the government's recovery. George W. Bush added to this financial insecurity with his order capping fees/awards for expert witness testimony.

If at the end of President Bush's term, should he hold that Rose Garden ceremony recognizing whistleblowers as envisioned by Senator Grassley, the event may have fewer people to celebrate. How many fell at the hands of the circled wagons per George's order?

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