Saturday, May 26, 2007

Why IRS Can't Find CNP

In a stunning show of domestic incompetence, the Internal Revenue Service only looks for charities with "Middle Eastern sounding names" to find nonprofit groups funding terrorists. What happens if shadowy nonprofits employ the Congressional tool of naming something its exact opposite? They get a free pass from the IRS.

Another secretive nonprofit education group rides a twenty year free pass from feds despite never complying with 501(c)3 requirements. The Council for National Policy continues to benefit from Uncle Sam's generosity without providing any returns to the public at large. A number of their members successfully fended off the IRS in the past. Do their skills extend to the group as a whole?

But with over 1.6 million tax exempt organizations (excluding churches), the IRS can't keep their eye on all of them. But they can watch your local nonprofit community hospital like a chickenhawk as they struggle under the weight of Bush's legions of uninsured.

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