Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Greed Has Taken Over"

Who said the following quote?

"Greed has taken over. Nobody fears failure."

a. Rep. William Jefferson and the rest of America's elected Legislative Representatives who sell their votes and souls for a round of gorging at the campaign money trough. Watch out here comes Congrezzilla at an obese 100 million pounds!

b. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney who offered to work for free, donating all of his $400,000 in Chief Executive salary cause it "ain't piss in a bucket for someone as rich as me. I've served on numerous corporate boards, been the chief of a private equity firm. Plus, I don't need to be beholden to the American people if elected President! If I don't do their will, what can they do, fire me? Not a chance if the current boob in the office still has his job!"

c. Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein on the shoddy practices of private equity firms racing to take companies private. Apparently the free market isn't perfect after all, but wait, GREED is the free market!

d. President Bush before thanking greed for taking over from stupidity, flat footedness and incompetence. Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Bush strummed while New Orleans drowned. Now he moves the real life RISK pieces around the Middle East, only the dice aren't falling his way.

e. As usual President Bush strayed from his prepared remarks. He said he thought greed had taken over, but needed to conduct an internal investigation to find out if that were really true. He was pretty sure he'd never met "a nobody" so he didn't know if they feared failure or not. President Bush said he only meets with important people who donate huge sums of money to his political party. While still pontificating he decided greed had taken over. "Did you see the guest list for the White Tie with the Queen?" Those rich sons of bitches and their bitches got to eat fish with royalty. Who pays millions for a dinner at Long John Silver's? My friends who raid the U.S. Treasury...

The correct answer is "C", the rest is only partially true!

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