Monday, May 14, 2007

Bush Delivers Can of Freedom without Sacrifice

While extolling the virtues of "huge sacrifice" driven freedom at historic Jamestown, President Bush extended his middle finger to that same sense of shared pain to address the present day pollutants contributing to global warming. Apparently once a democracy gets mature enough, the need to sacrifice is outweighed by other factors such as popular opinion, available technology and economic costs. The President spoke of America's role while touring the historic Jamestown fort.

"It is a chance to renew our commitment to help others around the world realize the great blessings of liberty which includes voter identification requirements costing anywhere from $10 to $97 to $210. Welcome to the modern day poll tax!"

"The advance of freedom is the great story of our time and new chapters are being written every day."

I guess there won't be a chapter finished on controlling carbon dioxide until the final days of President Bush's second slacker term. Despite orders from the Supreme Court, President Bush continues his knuckle dragging. Apparently no one can make this President do anything (which includes conducting competent investigations).

P.S. President Bush only said the words in italics. Everything else is offered by the author.

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