Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Will Rowan Williams Learn from Israeli's?

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams will not invite Bishop Gene Robinson to next year's gathering of global prelates. It turns out Bishop Robinson has been designated a terrorist by the Church of King Henry VIII's genitalia. Just like the U.S. and Israel refuse to recognize democratically elected Palestinian leaders, the Anglican/Episcopal church spits on the people of New Hampshire for their choice of bishop.

What will the Archbishop do if he follows Israel's lead? Options include:

1. Fence in the state of New Hampshire
2. Withhold funds for churches in Bishop Robinson's jurisdiction (starve them out)
3. Bomb nearby power plants
4. Send in an occupying force
5. Fire a missile into Bishop Robinson's home
6. Fund the opposition and together remove the threat
7. Merge with the Catholic Church where they know how to deal with gays (by promoting them)

If he chooses #7, could we someday see Pope Robinson? The times they are a stranging! But in the meantime we can count on Rowan to protect his Canterbury Tail.

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