Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bolton Wants U.S. to Attack Saudi Arabia?

John Bolton, fresh of United Nations ambassadorship fame, suggested America take out nuclear capabilities of Middle Eastern countries that support Hamas. Was he referring to Iran or Saudi Arabia as both pursue peaceful nuclear programs and fund the Palestinian political arm of Hamas? Mr. Bolton expressly referred only to Iran in his comments.

He suggested bombing Iran back to the "Nukular Stone Age" only after other methods have been tried. These include heavy handed economic sanctions and internal unrest, revolution, or overthrow. What happened to those supremely successful economic sanctions President Bush bragged about around Christmas time?

As for overthrowing elected governments in Iran, America has a long history of such a thing. The Iranian people don't have fond memories of past U.S. tampering in their country. Didn't George Bush cite this as contributing to today's civil strife in the region? Why would John Bolton suggest another round if George (the history lover) really rues such action?

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