Thursday, May 31, 2007

Clinton Plane Scandal Flies for Five Days

The media lift for the infoUSA Clinton plane scandal is impressive. Rising hot air continues to propel the story higher. It even reached the Jackosphere as Mr. Cafferty of CNN has it as his 4 pm question. Of course I had to weigh in.

Q: Does Senator Hillary Clinton's use of a corporate private jet undermine her stance on corporate greed and executive pay?

A: Of course it does. It reeks of the Clinton Lincoln Bedroom scandal eclipsed only by the recent Bush Dover Sole White Tie dinner with the Queen affair attended by 37 high dollar Republican donors and their relations. Of course this didn't make the news. Neither did it mention Donald Netter, hedge fund party to the plane lawsuit served on the Damon Corp board with Mitt Romney for three years. It's a club and we can't afford the dues! But they can afford the legal fees...

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