Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chuck, Here's a Nonprofit Worth Taxing

Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa wants to remove the tax exemption of nonprofit community hospitals but won't touch the suspect Council for National Policy, a "nonprofit educational group". The Gold List of conservatives is also known as a "confidential network of highly influential business leaders". Tim LaHaye founded the group in the early 1980's. He's the co-author of the Left Behind book series and teacher at the Falwell founded Liberty University.

The CNP just tested Fred Thompson's presidential timber. The text and some coverage of Fred's speech made the net. The New York Times reported on the group's efforts to find a true conservative in a February story. Apparently Fred could be that candidate.

The series of articles revealed information about this nonprofit educational group.

The council’s bylaws forbid members from publicly disclosing its membership or activities, and participants agreed to discuss the meeting only on the condition of anonymity.

The Council for National Policy was founded 25 years ago by the Rev. Tim LaHaye as a forum for conservative Christians to strategize about turning the country to the right. Its secrecy was intended to insulate the group from what its members considered the liberal bias of the news media.

A spokesman for Mr. Brownback said he would not comment on the senator’s presentation to the council, citing its rules about strict confidentiality.

The group’s meetings, held about three times yearly, are highly secretive. Not only is the press barred from attending, but the bylaws also ban members from discussing the meetings beforehand or afterward.

So while Chuck tries to tax your local nonprofit community hospital providing care for the legions of uninsureds in America, this secretive "educational" group gets a free ride on its 501(c)3 status. At least one can apply for higher education at a university. Only the invited can join the CNP.

It appears to be just another high dollar lobbying group with a strange vision for America. That Presidential candidates need the stamp of approval of this group is even more concerning.

No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.-Mohandas Gandhi

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