Monday, May 21, 2007

Lack of Knowledge Squared

After more than of a month of the U.S. Attorney General's inability to recall performance reasons for dismissing at least eight state attorney generals, President Bush came roaring to Alberto Gonzales' defense.

"He has done nothing wrong," Bush said in an impassioned defense of his longtime friend and adviser during a news conference at his Texas ranch.

Does anyone else find it odd that Alberto initially claimed "good reasons" for giving the eight attorneys their walking papers, then lost those sound justifications in a cloud of hazy memories. What do they smoke in the White House? Apparently George Bush likes leaders who make arbitrary decisions before forgetting them under the light of sunshine. To quote him "nothing's wrong".

A leadership guru who helped rebuild Japan after World War II might say otherwise. The namesake of Japan's Deming prize said:

'Lack of knowledge...that is the problem"-W. Edwards Deming

It appears the Bush/Gonzales team squares the problem. If we added Cheney would it be cubed?

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