Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bush to Call Queen Noor for Education on “Root Cause” of Middle East Troubles?

President Bush continues to set a low standard for analysis in his two terms as President. He’s proven his inability to conduct a credible investigation of anything. The CIA agent leak and the White House response to Hurricane Katrina leave much to be desired.

Now the President bandies about discussing “root cause” of the Lebanese conflict. He cites the nabbing of two Israeli soldiers as the root cause of Israel’s overwhelming aggression. Queen Noor from Jordan spoke on the Larry King show last night. Her analysis went much deeper than the middle school evaluation conducted by Bush.

The Queen followed Dr. Deming’s teachings and asked why seven times to get at root cause? She attributes the current conflict to Israel’s aggression and taking of Arab lands post 1967 war.
She also suggested that outsiders like the United States and Israel are incapable of creating a new Middle East through violence alone. The resistance will exist until the fundamental underlying issues of land ownership are resolved. They will exist as long as state supported oppression of a minority population is in place.

Will President Bush please give Queen Noor a call to discuss the matter? Then he won’t look like a bad role model for America’s education system when Bush talks about root cause. It doesn’t do for a President or his Ph.d. Secretary of State to look like the poor professional athlete role models his political party rues as contributing to the decline of America.

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