Friday, August 04, 2006

What Will Our Elected Leaders Learn on Recess?

The U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives and President Bush are all currently on vacation during a monstrous crisis in the Middle East. The President retreated to his Crawford Ranch where last summer he witnessed widespread human suffering post Hurricane Katrina. Will he tune into the worsening plight of over 1 million Lebanese refugees as Israel pounds Lebanon back twenty years?

I do hope our elected leaders make it to a playground while they are on break. Such a trip could provide them with insights to help them govern. Will they see a gang of teens invade another’s territory by showing up at their playground? What will happen? Will there be words exchanged or will it degenerate into a fistfight? What happens if one pulls out a bat, a knife or a gun? Will local rivals join together driving away the intruders?

Hopefully they will learn something on their 10 day to 5 week break. Major world leaders seemingly cannot solve international problems without violence. Those in the neighborhood are evaluating their next steps. How long they will watch their brother being pummeled remains to be seen.

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