Saturday, August 12, 2006

U.S. Comments Prove Cease Fire is Unilateral, Like All Israeli Peace Efforts in Region

While Israel continued its widespread military assault on Southern Lebanon, U.S. leaders did their best to “verbally minimize the situation”. Sec. Rice used the words “skirmish” and “normal operations”.

Bush ever the clueless said “I now urge the international community to turn words into action and make every effort to bring lasting peace to the region." Had he not just spoken by phone to one of those world leaders, the one making the last heavy military push deep into Lebanon? Did they talk about the Lebanese Cabinet’s unanimous approval of the cease fire agreement?

If not, what did the speak about during their 8 minute phone call? Was it letting Rev. Robertson back into the Christian theme development near the Sea of Galilee? Pat paid his penance like a good Prodigal Son. Somehow the Christian leader missed meeting and praying with the Christian Lebanese Democratic Leader, P.M. Saniora.

Sec. Rice’s words show who is calling the shots on the peace process in the Middle East.

"My understanding is that this is part of the normal operations that were contemplated. When the cease fire - the cessation of hostilities - comes into being, Israel will stop," she said in an interview with Israel Television.

Yes, when Israel decides to stop, the cease fire will happen. P.M. Olmert already has plans for a unilateral peace with the Palestinians. It appears he will do likewise with the Lebanese democracy. I bet the Lebanese Cabinet is spitting nails, just as their neighbors. Time will show who in the region remains a U.S. ally.

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