Friday, August 25, 2006

“No Countries Left Un-Nukular”, New Signature Bush Program

Building on the President’s pioneering education initiative the administration formally announced its new standards for international military credibility. “No Child Left Behind” set minimum standards for school systems with a high school education the bar. It prepares the student for any further achievement, college level on up.

“No Countries Left Un-Nukular” recognizes the bar for international respect and credibility lies in a powerful offensive deterrence. It encourages all countries to develop nuclear weapons via two contrasting methods. In one, the U.S. gives full support to countries violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. India and Israel come to mind. Israel will soon receive two German Dolphin subs capable of launching nuclear weapons virtually undetected.

The other strategy is to call countries names, deride their leaders as evil and pathological until they embark on a program to level the weapons of mass destruction playing field. Iran and North Korea fit in this category.

In an odd twist Israel's new subs may just launch the nuclear weapons intended to destroy Iran's fledgling nuclear capability. It could be one big radioactive party.

But the United States having already excelled at the “Nukular” game is elevating the stakes via Space Weapons. By setting a new bar, a higher standard America will be in a position to launch a future program encouraging all countries to invest in methods of war. It could be called “No Space Left Un-Weaponized”.

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