Sunday, August 06, 2006

Secretary Rice’s Country Quiz

As I read reports of Sec. of State Condoleeza Rice’s comments on Cuba a number of questions came to mind. As a result I created a quiz, so all can play along.

1. In which country should the United States invade to overthrow a tyrannical dictator and which should be left alone?

a. Iraq-Saddam Hussein
b. Cuba-Fidel Castro

2. Which country has seen a dramatic fleeing of educated and professional persons due to a government transition?

a. Iraq post 2003
b. Cuba shortly after Castro’s rise to power in 1959

3. What form of government was in place when the people fled for their lives?

a. Cuba-__________
b. Iraq-___________

4. What does Sec. Rice mean when she says “a dictator should not replace a dictator”?

5. What does she mean when she says a mass exodus “would not be condoned”?

6. With which communist country does the United States not trade?

a. China
b. Cuba
c. Vietnam

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