Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Really Bad News, Rev. Robertson Meets with Israeli PM before Pres. Bush

Why would an Evangelical Christian meet with the Israeli Prime Minister a month into its war on Lebanon? Even more puzzling; why would he beat the U.S. President to the punch? Adding to bizarreness of it all, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer spent 5 minutes of his Situation Room interviewing Rev. Pat.

I can only guess as to possible answers to these questions. Pat met with Ehud Olmert to support the Jewish state per Old Testament scripture. This after dissing the previous PM, Ariel Sharon for giving away Biblical lands, thus God struck him with a brain hemorrhage. That faux pas shut Pat out of a Christian themed real estate development. Want to bet Pat gets back in the deal after shaking hands with the Jewish leader passing his blessing on the carnage? The other reason Pat went to the region is to see what hell on earth looks like.

As for President Bush, months ago I posited whether any federal research money was going to climate research, specifically whether the heat in Hell happened to be dry or moist. I wondered if Rev. Pat’s University got the contract for modeling Hell. With the results of such a study, global warming could be put into better perspective. My guess is Bush wanted to get a report from his Secretary of Faith, Rev. Robertson before he stuck his toe into the boiling cauldron of fundamentalist Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Once Rev. Pat gives his report, Bush might just pick up the phone. I wonder what Pat will tell George about those Lebanese Christians. Funny he didn’t mention them once on CNN.

Twenty six years ago, I graduated from the University of Virginia. Ted Turner has this crazy idea of 24 hour news. Katie Couric, the RA in my dorm as a first year Wahoo, had yet to hit the big time. And any major news station avoided the Revs. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson like the plague.

What happened that every time a leader fails the people and incites violence or Mother Nature takes a swipe at something, one of these bozos is on the tube providing “divine interpretation”? They are like that pesticide commercial with the cockroach on the screen. I keep smacking it and it won’t go away!”

Guess who formed about the same time? The Moral Majority, the Family Research Council, the Federalist Society and Hezbollah, most in the early 1980’s. Something funny must have been in the water back then, and it’s aged in distinctly fundamental way.

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