Monday, August 14, 2006

Olmert Claims Sole Responsibility?

Israeli Prime Minister’s admission that he is solely responsible for attacking a democratic neighbor may just come back to haunt him. Will they garnish his wages to repay the cost of over $2.5 billion in property damage? How many murders will Ehud Olmert be charged with? Saddam is currently on trial for much the same thing.

I don’t buy his remarks. Ehud does not deserve to be solely responsible. It’s not because the U.S. and Israel conduct joint planning twice a year on military strategy and terrorism. In my mind if Mr. Olmert were solely responsible, he would have challenged Mr. Nazrallah to a duel and left the innocents out of it.

When the people become disposable, the leaders have gone. In their place are self serving, egotistical, hotheads eager to push the button on violence as the means to get their way.
When the people are invaluable, leaders would easily sacrifice themselves for the greater good. It is time for the people to be invaluable, not people in “important positions” who parade around as such.

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