Sunday, August 13, 2006

How Does the Bush Administration Get Credit for Stopping British Bombers?

From what I’ve read the intelligence that stymied the British bomber plot came from Pakistani and British intelligence agencies. Only two weeks ago were U.S. authorities informed. Yet, the President’s radio address gives a drastically different impression.

"We believe that this week's arrests have significantly disrupted the threat," Bush said. "Yet we cannot be sure that the threat has been eliminated."

Bush also thanked investigators in the U.S. and Britain for working together to stop the plot. White House aides said they hoped the successful investigation would dampen criticism of the administration's controversial anti-terror methods, such as secret monitoring of phone calls, e-mail and financial transactions.

What role did U.S. intelligence play in this case? And why the omission of the Pakistani intelligence that started the investigative chain rolling? I sense a spin zone, but in the ever permanent campaign led by the ever permanent campaigner, they are hard to avoid.

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