Friday, August 11, 2006

Sen. Cornyn Cites New Terrorist Connections?

In response to the terrorist plan to simultaneously blow up multiple trans-Atlantic flights via chemical bombs mixed on the plane, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas had this to offer:

The Islamic extremists attacking our troops—troops who are bringing democracy to Iraq—are the same Islamic extremists who are seeking to attack and bring down the airplanes over our homeland.

Does anyone find this unsettling? Did Senator Cornyn just say invading Iraq grew the number of terrorists? How many of the suspected “home grown” British terrorists have an Iraqi family lineage? How many flew to Iraq to fight in solidarity with their Sunni or Shiite brothers?

Of those that went, which side did they choose, Sunni or Shiite? Did any on opposite sides try to kill the other? If so, how did they patch up their differences such that they could plot against the United States?

He did fail to mention the method for finding these terrorists who wish to do us harm, good police work. British and Pakistani Intelligence pieced together the plot. They did so without invading any countries or bombing them back twenty years.

It’s a good thing the Senator did not mention, Hezbollah or Hamas, currently under the fist of the Israeli war machine. The United States considers both groups terrorists though up to now they have not targeted Americans. How might that change with President Bush’s ardent support for the Israeli intrusion into democratic Lebanon?

President Bush did put them all in the same big basket when he said “This nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation.”

The war tactic sounds great until you consider the impact of freedom in Iraq. With some 130,000 liberators under fire in the now democratic Iraq, American troops watch the population split in a most heinous manner. The latest post from Baghdad Burning shows most Iraqis are taking advantage of this newfound freedom, by fleeing the country.

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