Monday, August 28, 2006

Rumsfeld May Lose His Pluto Platform in Planet Reclassification

Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld may lose his favorite podium from which he analyzes the world scene should Pluto be reclassified as a minor planet. This would cause him to move his sights closer to Earth. Consider his basic comments in the last few days.

1. North Korea is not a military threat to South Korea

2. The United States missile defense system may not be able to handle multiple missiles targeting the West Coast. The dangerous launcher would be North Korea.

How is North Korea a bigger threat to the U.S. than to their southern neighbor? What else did Rummy say?

3. The American people don’t like war, but “terrorist communication” is the reason as they unfairly claim U.S. soldiers kill innocent people

Who killed the 30,000 innocent Iraqi cited by President Bush? As for manipulating the media, who did the Pentagon blame for Pat Tillman’s death in Afghanistan until the 3rd or 4th investigation revealed “friendly fire”?

I’m afraid American’s have a little more smarts than the Bush cabal. Many understand root cause to be deeper than the immediately preceding event. Two thirds of U.S. citizens fail to understand how Iraq is ground zero for the war on terror when Sunni fundamentalist Muslims are fighting Shiite fundamentalist Muslims. The Islamo-fascists aren’t even one group.

Just as fundamentalist Christians feel their world is under attack, ergo last winter’s War on Christmas, fundy Muslims feel likewise. Donald spoke to that today.

4. "The enemy lies constantly - almost totally without consequence. They portray our cause as a war on Islam when in fact the overwhelming majority of victims of their terrorism have been thousands and thousands of innocent Muslims - men, women and children - they have killed."

Bush and Rumsfeld claim to be number junkies, so what’s the total? To date how many innocent people have died as a result of U.S. military action vs. terrorist activity? What’s the total on each side? That’s right the Pentagon doesn’t track that statistic!

Once the Pluto situation is settled, Sec. Rumsfeld will know whether he can keep his perch or needs to move. My vote is to send him further out, Xena the female warrior could need an inhabitant. Might Donald volunteer?

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