Saturday, August 12, 2006

Analysis: U.S. Spin on Lebanese Peace Deal

While I am most grateful for the bartered peace deal achieved in the United Nations, I am both mortified that it took over month to achieve and most curious about the U.S. media spin on the final product. An AP news article had this to say:

The United States pushed for the peace deal approved by the United Nations Security Council on Friday to stop fighting that threatened to topple Lebanon's tenuous democratic government.

The deal does not accomplish the disarmament of Hezbollah, the key goal that Bush and Rice said they sought.

How did the U.S. push for a peace deal? With the rest of the world united around an immediate cease fire, the Bush administration dragged its knuckles for a month, holding out to get its way. The U.S. eventually acquiesced to world cries for a cessation of violence.

The war started to disarm Hezbollah per Israeli leaders. As the article said, this too is a key goal for Pres. Bush and Sec. Rice. Did it take Israeli and U.S. leaders a month to find out this could not be accomplished unilaterally? Or did they use this as an excuse to drive the Lebanese economy back 20 years as suggested by an Israeli General on television day 1 of the Israeli invasion.

From here it looks like the Bush team spit and stammered for a month to get its way. When that couldn’t happen they softened their position to the month old world consensus. Thank heaven the cease fire is near, but just like Hurricane Katrina, the wait has been excruciating.

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