Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Will San Angelo Be Attacked Next in War on Terror?

In the last year my community of 100,000 people found it harbors a terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan. This extremist group has a history of using terror tactics to push its radical religious ideology. Given the recent events in the Middle East I am concerned the U.S. military may bomb San Angelo back twenty years to root out this terrorist threat.

Israel devastated Lebanon, a country of over 4 million people to get at 5,000 Hezbollah guerillas. Applying that same percentage to my hometown, it means a world power would devastate a community of 100,000 to root out 125 guerillas.

Does the Department of Homeland Security know how big the Klan chapter is in San Angelo? Do they know the leader’s real name as he won’t use it in media interviews? Is the chapter big enough yet for a full scale invasion?

Please write me back with answers to these important questions. I need to know if I should sell the house and move to a safer part of the country. Please include the Klan free zones with your response.

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