Sunday, August 13, 2006

Illegal Immigrants Voting? Only in the Campaign Sewer..

Republicans have identified yet another nefarious domestic terrorist plot, this time without the help of British intelligence.

"The Pelosi game plan: Elect Heath Shuler and others like him, and take over Congress with the votes of illegal immigrants”—from an ad for Rep. Charles Taylor

Apparently Nancy Pelosi, the Congresswoman from California, is importing illegal aliens, shipping them to North Carolina, and registering them to vote for Heath Shuler! Obviously the only solution to this problem is the construction of a wall running the whole Western border of North Carolina.

Thanks to Rep. Charles Taylor for bringing this concerning issue to light. As a Congressman Rep. Taylor shows his ability to understand issue important to the American people, frame them in a rational manner, and apply his finely honed problem solving skills toward a workable solution.

The eight term incumbent has chosen to make his opponent’s Pelosi connection the only issue. Considering Charles' 16 years serving the public and the numerous challenges facing our nation, one might think more important issues would be up for discussion. What this shows is Mr. Taylor’s knowledge of how to manipulate American voters. My hope is they don’t swallow his hook, line or sinker.

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