Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Rhetoric of War Accelerates Downhill

For intentional violence, death and destruction to be unleashed, there must be “good reasons”. This morning’s news filled with the rhetoric of war.

Hawk columnist Clifford May had this to say:

Allowing (an Iranian Islamic Superpower) to happen would represent a mistake of historic proportions, akin to enabling the rise of Hitler in the 1930’s……Should a fanatical, oil rich, nuclear armed, terrorist sponsoring superpower arise in the Middle East, the consequences would be dire.

Only a small percentage of Europeans are prepared to do what is necessary to resist tyranny. That leaves the problem for America to solve….To prevail in the current global conflict will be no cakewalk. It will require enormous determination, courage, energy and creativity. There will be casualties. There will be setbacks. Americans will not be loved. They will be reviled—not just by our enemies but also by those we seek to defend.

In the past Americans were up to such challenges. They refused to give up or to give into those they recognized as enemies of freedom. We will soon learn if the current generation is made of the same hardy stuff.

Clifford’s column not only points to the path of war, it greases it with a spirited pep rally. Go America!

Now, what hardy stuff do Americans need to undertake all out war against Iran? Do they need evidence of a threat, an imminent danger? This morning’s news delivered on this as well.

AP Headline: Defying U.N., Iran Opens Nuclear Reactor

This could lead one to believe, Iran has an operating nuclear reactor, one capable of producing material for a nuclear weapon without proper safeguards. Yet the article clearly states “the plant produces heavy water” and “Iran has been a building a heavy water reactor near the plant for two years, but the reactor is not scheduled for completion until 2009.”

How many Americans will skim the headlines, thinking Iranian nuclear weapons to be an immediate danger? Anyone recall Saddam’s searching for yellow cake? The skids are being greased for a roller coaster ride on the Iranian WhipAss, courtesy of Clifford May and the AP.

Once Americans link Ahmadinejad to Hitler, the bar comes down on the bench seat, the car leaves the gate via a catapult launch before crossing the Camel Back and executing a Cobra Roll. Watch out, there are no headrests on this baby, so hold on tight! The challenge will be getting our elected leaders to physically ride the coaster, they’ll just want to appropriate money. The wind might mess up their hair and an election is just around the corner!

My suggestion is save the American taxpayers money. Put Bush and Ahmadinejad in a room and don’t let them out until the issues are resolved, one way or another.

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