Monday, August 07, 2006

All That Work for This?

The Bush clan took nearly a month, working hard on an agreement that would provide for a “lasting and sustainable peace”. Then America’s U.N. Representative John Bolton said:

…the goal of the resolution is not to "achieve a perfect agreement," which he noted would be impossible, "but to take the concrete steps we need to get on the road to a lasting solution."

Did you note his remarks? We aren’t even on the road to that lasting solution. Are we sitting in a ditch like Cindy Sheehan last summer? If so, where are the rattlesnakes? And I thought that was Mr. Bolton's unique ring tone.

Did Mr. Bolton say his previous task of achieving a "lasting and sustainable peace" agreement is now impossible after a month of full out war? Given his comments is it even possible to get on the road for peace? Or did Israel just bomb it out?

The hard work President Bush performed on this task did not involve his picking up the phone once to talk to the Lebanese President or the Israeli Prime Minister. Yes, the work shows and it is reminiscent of Larry, Moe, and Curly’s house painting job.


Sally Z said...

Your blogs brought a smile to face. It reminded me that not all Americans are completely ignorant of the world around them.
I'm a Lebanese American, with dual citizenship. I don't want to hate this country, it's done so much for me. I have a chance at a life, more then I would've had I stayed in Lebanon. However, my family is still in Lebanon. Surviving. . . so I feel torn.
President Bush wants to end terror, yet he is helping create suicide bombers. The families in Lebanon losing their homes, their relatives, the kids seeing the destruction, they'll grow up with no chance at a future, with nothing but hatred inside. Death looks entincing when you're homeless, lost half your family, and have nothing to get you worth surviving for.
The American Administration wants the Lebanese "democratic" government to clean up Hezbolla's messes, yet they forget what democracy really is. Is it democracy that I can't run for president, not because I am a girl, but because I am a Sunni Muslim? Only Christians are allowed to be president, what a message that sends to kids - Only Sunnies can be PM, and Shi'a 3rd in command politically.
My Lebanese ID has my name, birth place, an estimate of my address (by estimate I mean a neighberhood of where I reside not an exact address), age, gender, father's name, and religious affiliation; obviously it's the entire world's business what religion I follow.
How can Lebanon be a democracy if my choice of religion limits my climb on the political ladder?
I'm not as good with words as you are, but I am hoping to have brought to your attention some issues that you might've, or might not have known.
Again, your blog is wonderful, keep it up :)

PEU Report/State of the Division said...

Hi Sally,

Thank you for sharing your compeling story. You taught me much in your comment and for that I am grateful. Peace and blessings.