Saturday, August 12, 2006

Peace? But First a Little Ass Kicking & Maybe Some Taffy Pulling!

What happened after the Lebanese Cabinet unanimously approved the “Bush led” cease fire? According to the New York Times:

Israel poured troops, tanks and commandos into southern Lebanon on Saturday, pushing deep toward the Litani River and carrying out 80 air strikes against Hezbollah fighters, one day after a United Nations Security Council resolution called for a cease-fire. In addition, they bombed power plants in Sidon and Tyre.

The Bush/Olmert good cop/ bad cop team are at it again. While the headlines praise the cease fire (coming in the never ending day or so according to Sec. Rice), Israel continues to pound Southern Lebanon. The Good Cop’s Press Coordinator Tony Snow compared the month long diplomatic efforts to taffy pulling. How many mothers pulled their children’s arms as they fled the horrific violence? And how many of those children were still living?

The bad cop pounded the detainee behind closed doors while the good cop attended a fundraising barbecue. Do you think any of that $750,000 will go to helping Lebanese refugees? And did they do any taffy pulling at the barbecue?

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