Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Son’s Love

The flood waters rose rapidly. The aged mother and son struggled with what to do as the murky brown water rose. He found a boat nearby loading his 91 year old wheelchair bound mother inside. A policeman directed them to a place where food and shelter could be found.

The refugees did as directed only no food or water was to be had. The 91 year old woman faded in the high heat and humidity. With no medical care available, she expired before a full day ran. The son watched over her wheelchair draped body for 4 days before being forced to evacuate.

The care he showed his mother could touch the world deeply. The people can cry out demanding more from federal, state, and local authorities who last summer showed their incapacity in delivering basic services to the stranded. They could tell the government of the people to stop intentionally causing harm to other’s loved ones by training in war no more. What will the people do? What will you do? How many days will you sit with the fallen?

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