Monday, August 07, 2006

Only in Bush’s World

Anyone paying close attention to the Israeli invasion of democratic Lebanon the last 4 weeks could find President Bush’s recent statements incredulous.

We all recognize that the violence must stop.

Exactly when did President Bush join the “we”, otherwise known as the rest of the world, on this?

Bush said the goal was to find consensus quickly on a resolution calling for a cessation of violence. "I understand that both parties aren't going to agree with all aspects of the resolution," the president said. "But the intent of the resolutions is to strengthen the Lebanese government so Israel has got a partner in peace."

If the intent is to help the Lebanese government, then the peace plan satisfies their concerns, correct? That would make sense, if the intent is to help Lebanon.

At the United Nations, the United States and France delayed action on the cease-fire measure to consider demands from Lebanon and Arab states over the withdrawal of Israeli troops.

Lebanon is unhappy with the resolution? Huh….oh, the real customer is Israel!

Any American who lived through the Bush administration’s butchering of the Hurricane Katrina response would be nervous over the language used by Sec. Rice on the peace effort.

I don't believe anybody anticipates that there should be foreign forces on Lebanese soil as a result of what has happened here.

I don’t believe anybody anticipated the levees failing….. We all know the rest. What does it portend here?

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