Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Real World “Survivor” Segregated by Race

The latest edition of survivor will break teams up by race. Five Latinos, Whites, African Americans and Asians will compete against each other. All survived grueling pre-screening tests to be selected.

The Latinos competed in Survivor: Other Than Mexican, sponsored the U.S. Border Patrol. Non Mexicans apprehended near the border are driven 200 miles into the U.S. dropped off at a bus station and told to be in federal court another 300 miles away in 3 months. The best inner city illegal immigrant survivors made it on the Latino team.

The African Americans selected excelled last summer in Survivor: Hurricane Katrina. They came from a pool of hundreds of thousands poor blacks displaced by the storm.

The Whites all come from Survivor: Holler Style. Based in West Virginia the candidates all survived coal mine disasters. Some credit their being chosen to quick thinking, fast feet and others to portable oxygen.

The Asians come from a number of Pacific countries impacted by the December 2004 tsunami. Survivor: Tsunami winners all excelled at swimming and holding their breath for long periods of time underwater.

Had the show chosen to add an Arab component, it could choose from Survivor: Iraq or Survivor: Lebanon. However, these candidates have some physical limitations due to lack of electricity, safe food, clean water, medical care and drugs.

Anyone who actually thinks this is a good idea would like Survivor: Republican vs. Democrat or Survivor: Rich vs. Poor. As if our country needs another artificial competition based on divisive classifications?

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