Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bush Presses War as He Wants One More?

In his radio address Bush praised the stellar results of all out war on defeating terror. He held Iraq and Lebanon high, showing them off for all to see. As the world recoiled in horror, Bush held up the damaged and deformed countries like a proud new papa. Unfortunately the father either caused the children’s condition or failed to stop the abuse.

A step child lingered nearby, the more successful strategy of investigation, surveillance and intelligence. It remained in the background for most of the radio talk despite its resounding success in foiling a British air travel plot.

Why would the President show off all out war, bragging of its critical role in defeating terrorism? Is it because he wants one more?

Iran is looking an awful lot like 2002 Iraq with a U.N. resolution to cut out nuclear technology which could be turned into a weapon of mass destruction. The U.S. wants to turn up the heat ASAP in early September, likely wanting a cease “or else” clause somewhere in the mix.

The coalition of the willing is clear, the United States, Britain and Israel. As Tony Blair warned the people in the Middle East, get ready for some Western ideals.

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