Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Advice from Federal Information Center on Questions Regarding White House Lessons Learned Report

After four months, the Federal Government gave me an official reply regarding my concerns about the White House Lessons Learned report. The Federal Information Center informed me how to go about getting my questions answered. The list they provided sounded awful familiar.

1. Write the President. Did that, no reply from President Bush or White House staff.
2. Contact Senators. Check, no response from Senators Hutchison or Cornyn.
3. Contact Representative. Ditto. no answers from Rep. Mike Conaway.
4. Contact State Governor. Regarding a White House report? No thanks.
5. Contact U.S. Government agencies directly. Did that. FBI, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security. No response to date.

The laugher is the DOJ sent my inquiry to the Federal Information Center. The FIC then suggested I contact federal agencies directly. Are my questions in an endless loop?

How many of the above have subpoena power? The first three will just give me the official White House line, after all they authored the report. It is their friends that may have benefited from insider influence. The only one that makes sense is number 5 and all have punted to date.

I wish others better luck getting their concerns and question addressed. The system does not appear to be set up to do so.

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