Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Improve the Tone & Discourse: Everybody?

President Bush agreed to stump for cash for fellow Republican Senator George Allen despite his racial slur to a fellow Wahoo from the University of Virginia. Allen called the Virginia born and raised 4th year student of Indian descent, “Macaca”. He also welcomed him to America some 20 years late.

The White House in defending Bush's hand holding with the “Macaca” thrower had this to say:

"Senator Allen apologized," said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino. "And I think it's in everyone's best interest, in this day and age of politics when everyone is trying to improve the tone and discourse, to accept apologies when they're offered."

Now that’s a laugher! Will Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart pick this one up first? And who will they fade in and out in the background, with what quote? Will it be V.P. Dick Cheney saying Democrats issue American Greetings invites to terrorists with a time and date for an Open House? Or will it be President Bush delivering expletive deleteds on foreign policy while talking with his mouth full courtesy of the G-8 bakery chef?

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