Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cease Fire Predictions: Second War Likely

Several Israeli hawks predict international troops will fail to control Hezbollah believing the cease fire will only lead to a second clash with “Tehran’s Proxy Army”. My prediction says phase 2 will involve more than the proxy. Syria and Iran will be invited to participate.

In a August 14th Time magazine interview Sec. Condoleeza Rice broached the subject of a wider war.

Time: Do you have a commitment from Israel that it won’t expand the war into Syria or Iran?

Rice: The Israelis have said publicly that they do not want to widen this war. And I take them at their word

Ah yes, but what did they say privately Dr. Rice? Did they mention their designs on Syria or Iran in either joint U.S. biannual planning meeting? Twice a year the U.S. and Israel conduct joint military and terrorism planning. Surely the topic of Hezbollah, Syria and Iran came up as two of the three are “state sponsors of terror”.

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