Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Disconcerting Stories, Bush’s Mental Health & Nixon’s Nukes

President Bush will have a 4 hour medical assessment today at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I am sure he is in great physical health for a 60 year old. My concern is his mental health. As leader of the “free world” President Bush controls the use of a huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Where is his mind and spirit these days?

Is he angry, paranoid, possibly delusional? His 4 letter word comment on Syria at the G-8 supports the anger concern. He could feel paranoid as the rest of the world is against Bush’s intransigent opposition to an immediate cease fire. His delusion of one outside power with its small local ally remaking the Middle East goes against the maxim that lasting change must come from the inside. Where are the Middle Eastern countries in the Bush/Olmert vision? At the moment they are angry and opposed.

The release of previously classified documents reveals another disturbed U.S. President’s consideration of nuclear weapons. President Nixon, the paranoid, pondered the use of nukes in Vietnam. How did Nixon perform on the military’s mental health evaluation? How does Bush’s results compare to Tricky Dick’s?

My concern is the timing of the release. War is ongoing in Lebanon. The rhetoric of war incorporates Syria and Iran. The latter will likely give the middle finger salute to the United Nations on the pursuit of nuclear weapons technology. Iran’s response to the UN happens to coincide with Israel’s time frame for mopping up Hezbollah.

When Iran says bugger off to the U.N. will the United States or its proxy, Israel uncork a nuke on Iranian nuclear facilities? Looking at the facts on the ground which includes pathological leaders all around, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

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