Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bush Ignores Allies in Middle East to America’s Detriment

Before President Bush unleashed “Shock and Awe” to free Iraq and create a stabilizing democracy in the region, U.S. allies gave caution that the nation could split among sectarian lines thus destabilizing the region. With three years of hindsight, whose prediction was correct? Score:

Middle East Allies 1 Bush/Cheny 0

After the free elections in Palestine, our allies encouraged a policy of engagement with Hamas warning of greater divisions if the U.S. remained disconnected.

Middle East Allies 2 Bush/Cheney 0

Almost immediately after Israel’s invasion of the fledgling democracy of Lebanon, America’s allies universally called for an immediate cease fire. The call grew louder after the massacre of innocent women and children in Qana. They warn of increasing consequences for those perpetrating violence or delaying any cessation of violence.

Middle East Allies 2.5 Bush/Cheney 0

How did our allies get a half a point? It came from King Abdullah’s statement.

Jordan's King Abdullah II, a key U.S. ally, issued an ominous warning to America and Israel that the prolonged battle in Lebanon has weakened moderates all across the Mideast. Even if Hezbollah is destroyed, the hostility toward Israel is so high that another such group may pop up in Syria, Egypt, Iraq - or even his own country, King Abdullah II, a key U.S. ally, said, according to published reports. Later that same day the King urged a "unified Arab position" on the conflict. In his mind Israel's "aggression has exceeded all limits."

The Bush/Cheney team has nearly struck out in the Middle East. Is anyone surprised the “Can’t Shoot Straight Gang” continually misses the target? That and they can’t tell the truth.

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