Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Beirut’s Embryos May Have Only Seven Days Left

Due to the difficulty of finding fuel for its generators, the American University Hospital in Beirut could soon be without power. In addition to the horrific impact on patients, a lack of power will result in the death of frozen embryos in the hospitals fertility program.

The American public is aware of two facts that should cause great concern. One, dead hospitals are death traps. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina made this all too clear. And two, President Bush committed to not using one red federal cent to cause the death of an embryo.

U.S. funded weapons and the means for Israel to deliver them likely will cause the President’s words to ring hollow once again. To think that almost two weeks ago, Bush approved a rush shipment of precision guided missiles to Israel. Now when did he make his speech on frozen embryos?

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