Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gettysburg Terrorist to Population Ratio Qualifies for Bombing

As 5,000 guerillas warranted the bombing of a country of 4 million people, the people of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania should be quite worried. The Ku Klux Klan, a known terrorist organization that hates our freedom, protested in their fair community. The news reported about 30 Klansmen marched at the battlefields where Abraham Lincoln gave his famous address.

The U.S. Census Bureau indicates Gettysburg borough to have a population of 8,014. Using the same ratio of Lebanese terrorists to the general population, Gettysburg qualifies for a strafing as it has 3 times as many freedom haters as the fledgling Middle East democracy. Only 10 would be needed to meet the Lebanese ratio, and Gettysburg had about 30 known freedom hating terrorists show up for the protest.

My hometown of 100,000 has a Klan chapter. We would need only 125 armed guerillas to be bombed back twenty years using the Israeli experience. Estimates are the war on Hezbollah terrorists caused $3.5 billion in infrastructure damages or $7 million per terrorist. Using this same formula, Gettysburg qualifies for $210 million in infrastructure destruction for their Klan rally. Should San Angelo ever reach the 125 Klansmen target we would be due for a $875 million hit.

The President’s speech on Islamo-fascists fails to put things into perspective, as it ignores Christo-fascists and Judeo-fascists. The timing of the Klan protests helps make this very point.

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