Monday, September 25, 2006

Falwell Defends His “Devil” Political Comments

Never one to pass up a good war, Rev. Jerry Falwell told participants at a “Values Voter Summit” that Hillary Clinton on the Presidential ballot in ’08 would motivate his followers to turn to vote more than if the devil himself were running. His comments came just two days after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called President George Bush the devil at the United Nations.

When challenged about the comments Rev. Falwell said his comments to several hundred pastors and religious activists were totally “tongue in cheek”. As he shared this by phone, the reporter could not see if Jerry’s tongue was forked or not.

Falwell went on to cite evidence that his remarks were taken as tongue in cheek, “everyone in the building knew that and everyone laughed.” I heard a number of snickers in the reply of Hugo Chavez’s speech. Does laughter after a comment make it tongue in cheek? What if Hugo claims the same defense? Did President Bush use the same excuse after calling the North Korean President a pygmy, a spoiled brat, and a tyrant?

Rev. Falwell, the leader of the “War on Christmas” now says Republicans are God’s chosen party. Those in attendance at the prayer breakfast heard that God will preserve a Republican majority in Congress.

Only the devil himself could shrink God to a member of a political party. Maybe he was in the room after all? The reporter needs to do an in person interview with Jerry next time he claims the tongue in cheek defense. Is it really within the boundaries he claims? Does he speak with a forked tongue?

Despite his Godly connections the Reverend’s crystal ball is cloudy.

“In '08, I think that's too far ahead to know what's going to happen in the domestic and foreign policy issues," Falwell said in the interview. "In my opinion, the big issue then will be what the big issue is today, and that is national security and the war on terrorism at home and abroad. I don't think anybody doubts that the Republicans have a better record and a better commitment to national security than the Democrats do.."

I don’t think anybody doubts….that Rev. Falwell has an agenda of his own. Unfortunately the media continues to give him a microphone and he has the President’s ear as Bush’s co-Secretary of Faith.

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