Saturday, September 23, 2006

Stone Age Bombing Threat = Force of Freedom & Moderation Says Bush

With his cohones safely resheathed, President Bush gave his Saturday morning radio talk. In it he congratulated Pakistani President Musharraf for “siding with forces of freedom and moderation and helping to defend the civilized world”. Do civilized countries threaten to bomb others back to the Stone Ages? Do they stand on the sidelines while their close ally does likewise to a neighboring democracy?

Bush failed to mention Musharraf’s decision kept standing buildings, roads, and bridges while saving hundreds of thousands of Pakistani lives. The U.S. President failed to address the anywhere from direct to veiled threat Richard Armitage delivered to Pakistan post 9-11.

With his balls tucked away, President Bush likely has a few months before exposing them to the American public once again. The over month long display during the Lebanon-Israel war grew tiresome. How long will they be out when America’s proxy goes after Iran’s nuclear facilities?

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