Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Military Regs Provide Side Door to Torture

Vice President Cheney must be wringing his hands and giggling given the new military regulations for interrogating people in U.S. custody. Last year he slinked around the Capital lobbying for the right to torture. While Congress did not provide, the President left the door open via his “signing statement”. These clarify what the President is willing and not prepared to do in implementing the law.

The manual provides three new techniques available for use on “unlawful combatants”. The New York Times reported:

The new techniques are pairing a friendly interrogator with a hostile one, convincing a prisoner that he is being interrogated by a country other than the United States and isolating a detainee from other prisoners.

How does one convince a prisoner he is being interrogated by a country that allows torture? By torturing of course! Cheney must have been behind this language. Yes, only the great slinker himself could have slipped this one into the manual. And when were his dates of military service? That’s right he had other priorities…

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