Saturday, September 23, 2006

No Need to Give Bush Leeway, He Just Takes It

While the Democrats says they need to present themselves as tough on terror, the President shows his grit by giving laws on the books his middle finger. Bush repeatedly implemented clearly illegal practices before demanding Congress provide a foundation from which to abuse. Congress grew an “oh so brief” backbone before returning to its jellyfish form sliding into the Potomac. There the wake of the Bush wave runner tossed around the soft marine critter until it acquiesced.

The news reported such laughable things as:

A Republican deal on terrorism trials and interrogations would give President Bush wide latitude to interpret standards for prisoner treatment.

The deal also could open the door to aggressive techniques that test the bounds of international standards of prisoner treatment.

Who writes this drivel? For those not paying attention, Bush already reinterpreted standards for prisoner treatment multiple times. He already knocked down the door to aggressive treatment while stopping to crap on the bounds of international standards.

The War President is also known as the Torture President as he implements his “Terror on Terror” initiative. There is no war anymore. The rules are out the window as anything goes under Bush’s wide latitude. Just don’t expect him to execute it competently. That history is similarly clear.

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