Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Leaker Richard Armitage’s Current Business Connections

After resigning from the Bush administration two years after leaking a CIA agent’s name, Richard Armitage has been a busy man. As trustee for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Mr. Armitage aims to influence U.S. international policy. CSIS serves as a strategic planning partner for the government according to their website. Sir Richard has a strong background of tampering in previous world events.

Beginning in March 2005, Richard L. Armitage became president of Armitage International. On December 15, 2005, he was awarded a KBE and became a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. Mr. Armitage currently serves on the boards of ConocoPhillips, ManTech International Corporation, and Transcutaneous Technologies. He is also a member of the American Academy of Diplomacy.

Defense information system contracting, oil and gas, and health care, it appears Mr. Armitage has most of the Bush growth industries covered in his directorships. Profits have been outstanding at ConocoPhillips and the $100,000 a year non employee director restricted stock grant must come in handy. ManTech’s revenue is up 20% from 2005.

Transcutaneous Technologies is a Japanese high tech painless drug delivery company. Why they placed Mr. Armitage on the Board is unknown to this blogger but if I let my mind wander I see U.S. interrogators using such drug delivery systems to make suspected terrorists talk! The company makes products that infuse drugs through the skin, thus no needle.

Guess who else is on the TT board, Alexander M. Haig. His son, Alexander P. Haig is on the Dharma Pharmaceuticals Board which licenses the drug delivery technology from the Japanese company. He also works for Dad’s company Worldwide Associates, another international business advising firm. Junior is also Chairman of the board of DORBiopharma which happens to have a bio-defense division specializing in countering ricin toxin and botulinum toxin. For some reason they don’t list their Chairman on the company’s website, but he is clearly seen in their filed 10-KSB. Dad is listed on DORPharma’s Strategic Advisory board. Junior owns just over 1 million shares of the company worth about $250,000 at today’s closing price.

Yes, it is a very small club and they get to catch up with each over golf outings and board meetings. Influence is certainly bought and sold in the U.S. government industrial monstrosity.

Want to bet the next terrorist attack involves ricin or botulinum? How might that impact Alexander P. Haig’s stock investments? The company is bleeding red ink with a 2005 loss of almost $5 million. That could quickly turn around with the right kind of terrorist attack.

Will Richard Armitrage’s investments continue to soar? Will his Haig buddies portfolio’s do likewise? Stay tuned…

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