Thursday, September 14, 2006

FCC’s Deep Sixing Conglomerate News Reporting Study Looks Suspicious

Leaks reveal the Federal Communications Committee under the leadership of Michael Powell deep sixed a draft news study showing independent local stations provided more news on location and in total. This conclusion ran contrary to the FCC’s position on allowing more media integration. While flipping through the net I ran across an interview with Michael Powell from 2003. In it he said:

We're not pro-business because I know better than anybody that they might want to control. What we examine is, could you succeed [at shutting out other voices]?

That’s odd, if he isn’t pro-business why did he order copies of the draft report destroyed? He said something later in the interview that resonated with me.

Last point ... the problem in a society is not concentration and scarcity but actually abundance, fragmentation and hyper competition.

I agree with the fragmentation and hyper competition assessment but not applied to the media. It fits with America’s political parties. Fragmentation and hyper competition are souring the milk in our country’s political cereal bowl. How bad will it stink by the first Tuesday in November?

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