Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bush’s Bleedership in War on Terror

President Bush just spoke to the world on his new strategy for winning the war on terror. As I listened several things struck me. Early on he called anyone who saw the world differently “foolish”.

Later he equated Bin Laden with Lenin and Hitler. He likened these to cancers that needed to be removed. He spoke of the varying flavors of terrorists and their “facilitators”.

I didn’t know America could be attacked by proxy, but apparently President Bush considers an attack on Israel a strike against the U.S.

The money line in his speech came when he vehemently stated “The world’s free nations will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.” The question remains how will America’s proxy take out Iran’s uranium enrichment capacity? Will Israel use one of their nuclear bombs to prevent Iran from gaining same?

Bush did put his Karnack the Magnificent hat on to predict the future 50 years from now. As Karnack he looked back with unforgiving clarity. Did he see his inflammatory role in creating a more dangerous world?

So far the U.S. has entered Afghanistan and Iraq. How far has each country come in their 3-5 years of American shepherding? Unemployment in each is at least 40%. Yet the Bush plan says the following:

To further counter terrorist exploitation of under-governed lands, we will promote effective economic development to help ensure long-term stability and prosperity. In failing states or states emerging from conflict, the risks are significant.

Does this mean the U.S. intervened and then under-governed? It appears the Bush record abroad imitates his domestic under-achieving.

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